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King’s College Hospital London is a world-renowned teaching hospital in London with over 175 years experience, that is now present in the UAE. Our state-of-the-art Marina medical centre is in the heart of Dubai Marina, located in The Residences at Marina Gate I, Dubai. King’s is excited to be expanding our UAE footprint with the opening of new clinics and a hospital to offer you local access to world-class treatment and leading medical professionals. Therefore, continuing the natural links between the United Kingdom and the Emirates.

The Marina Medical Centre is now open

What makes King’s stand out?

  • The enhanced patient experience provides you with the best of British care, and treats you with dignity, respect and confidence. We will focus on leveraging scientific data to support your medical care.
  • Our doctors are measured by the quality of care they provide, not on the quantity of what they provide. This means no over prescribing, no unnecessary testing and providing an individualized path that leads to a greater chance of successful outcomes, fewer cases of complications and corrective procedures.
  • You will have access to a pool of some of the UK’s top clinicians, locally through King’s by our commitment to you, to bring world leading expertise to the region. By bringing these experts to the UAE, we are able to offer you cutting-edge treatments and procedures in high prevalence areas.

Our Doctors

Our doctors are among the most trusted healthcare professionals in the world, with a significant proportion recruited from King’s College Hospital London and its partner hospitals. We are in constant contact with our UK colleagues, working closely as part of specialist teams to achieve the highest standards of quality care.

Patient Portal

King’s College Hospital London is offering a secure patient portal that gives access to patient education, book appointments, and view aspects of the medical records.