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hello and welcome to the Kings podcast

season two I’m your host Manassa and

this is my co-host Danielle and today

we’re here and we joined with Dr Natalia

consultant dermatologist skin cancer

surgeon author and

bodybuilder and we would love to talk to

you today about social media and skare

and how we can kind of decipher through

all of the trends

and the techniques and the tips yeah

lots to talk about with that topic on

your website you have love the skin your

own as your as your phrase so what

inspired you to Pioneer that in your

work and on your social media I think

it’s because I see a lot of women

particularly but also some men who just

are really unhappy with they they have

unrealistic expectations of what their

skin should look like and I think social

media is 100% to blame for that 100% so

filters you know all this kind of stuff

people didn’t even realize they were

there there until like a few years ago I

think I didn’t know filters existed

though they may have not may have not

existed um 5 years ago I don’t even know

um but I think that’s really said an

unrealistic expectation of what women

and men I have a lot of male patients

who have this as well who who think that

they should look a certain way and if

they don’t like if they’re if they have

pores that are slightly big or they have

like cous filaments on their nose that’s

not normal and then there’s something

wrong with them and they have to fix

that and then they try to fix it and

they get into this like rabbit hole of

fix Ing and then going into a circle so

I just it upsets me especially when

younger people have this CU it’s like

it’s hard enough being a teenager and

you need you don’t need all this kind of

pressure as well so I think that’s kind

of where that came from I just I see a

lot of people really struggling for no

reason you know they have great skin

well I think nowadays there are

applications where there will be a

filter already on you won’t even know

and it’s already on um and now

everyone’s just striving for Perfection

so fix this fix it

yeah celebrities don’t help either and

in a way it’s kind of blurred the line

between what Flawless skin should mean

because Flawless skin isn’t no paes no

anything like but how do we so how so

what would Flawless skin be like how

what does normal skin look like so

normal skin is is partially also

ethnicity related so that’s you know so

people who are very fair or like

northern European type Irish skin they

will have a bit of redness and that’s

normal for that type of skin so to have

a bit of redness if you’re very fair is

normal um to have slightly enlarged

pores or slightly more oily skin that’s

also normal especially for certain types

of skin like uh type six or afroc

Caribbean people tend to have more oily

skin it’s kind of you can kind of even

think of it’s slightly more like thicker

kind of and like the pores are slightly

enlarged that’s normal for that skin

type so um but everyone wants to have

the same skin which basically no pores

like airbrushed you know what I’m

talking about so and like the it has to

be all perfect but that’s not normal so

yeah so normal skin has a bit of

oiliness it also has a bit of dryness so

everyone is more oily in their mid Zone

and drier laterally combination skin

doesn’t exist everyone has combination

skin that is normal some people have a

bit more oil in their like tzone area

than they’d like to have which makes

your makeup not sit well or you look

shiny at the end of the day if that

bothers you then that can be corrected

but that’s still normal like it’s still

within the Spectrum what I consider

normality and some people can be very

oily and not have acne and some people

can be very oily and have tons of acne

so it does depend also what’s happening

with your skin what what would be

considered normal for that skin type

that’s really interesting um we

recommended so many different types of

skincare products um the market is

really oversaturated and now we’ve got

celebrity skincare lines and everything

so how would someone know what to

actually use so you don’t really know

yeah yeah so I would just with with this

kind of thing like what is the best

moisturizer what is the best cleanser on

social media when I say this cuz I’m

like oh moisturizes are the same I no

they’re not they’re different like no

fundamentally if you look at the

ingredients they’re all the same they

all um create a barrier to water loss

some better than others and that’s how

they function as moisturizers that’s it

so you can add a bunch of extra stuff to

them and make them look fancy on the

container like stem cell extract gold

leaf powder it doesn’t change what it

does in the end it does the same thing

so just use the one you like and it’s

affordable to you and if you like a

certain brand with certain you know

bottles and you like it in your bathroom

it’s it’s a luxury item so all skincare

is a luxury item even the cheap stuff is

a luxury item because none of us really

need skincare I mean you can get away

very well without using anything it’s I

potentially you know sunscreen um it’s a

different thing but generally speaking

none of us really need any skincare

you’d be perfectly fine if you just

didn’t use anything wow so is that what

you do yeah pretty much like I I don’t

use a lot of skin care um I do wear like

a tinted SPF or whatever um I like a bit

of shimmery stuff so I do remove that

sometimes not all the time uh in the

evening and then I I if I feel like I

need some if I feel like my Skin’s a

little bit dryer then I’ll use some

Vaseline or something but that’s it so I

I often I only put something on my skin

maybe three to four nights a week that’s

really interesting so on um especially

Tik Tok at the moment and I suppose all

social media platforms there’s quite a

lot of trending techniques trending

products should we be hesitant of that

content that we’re consum

in yes so if you see something that you

think is Magic it almost certainly is


so if especially if they’re trying to

sell it to you for anything over like 5S

or you know 20am I would say no and so

don’t you don’t need to have that

product you have a skin problem like an

actual skin problem like whether it’s

acne or rosacea whatever it may be that

can be managed properly but not through

a 10-step skincare routine you’re going

to find on Tik Tok it’s going to need

something like a proper treatment

because acne is a skin disease rosacea

is a skin disease eczema as a skin

disease these are disorders of skin

they’re not nor normal so they need to

be treated properly um so trying to find

a solution to your acne on Tik Tok which

many many people do is probably not

helpful so go to your

dermatologist go to your friendly local

dermatologist get a diagnosis and a

treatment plan yeah Prett much so

because there’s so much stuff on Tik Tok

what is some of the worst tips or tricks

that you’ve seen online skincare oh

skare well like I deal with hair as well

so I think the worst thing I’ve seen

recently is the rosemary oil thing for

hair growth um that is terrible that is

definitely something I fell for

it is so convincing and actually it’s

it’s out sold on um Amazon it’s like the

number one selling skincare product on

Amazon which is completely insane who

wants to put you should never put oil on

your scalp like ever really yeah because

oil the scalp is really oily if you if

you put oil on your scalp you’re going

to give yourself dandruff you’re going

to give yourself other problems so oil

is for the ends of hair if you have long

hair like you do if you have long hair

you know put oil on the ends of the hair

fine okay but not on your scalp has

everyone lost their mind I thought that

it was a studi say that Rosemary Royal

actually had significant um benefits

from studies that’s why yeah there’s one

it’s not a real clinical trial but it

was done in I believe we’re referring to

something that was published in 2015 I’m

just kind of remembering yeah no it was

um I think they tried to show that

rosemore oil is as effective as 2%

monoxil growing hair but it wasn’t a

clinical trial so you can’t it wasn’t

there was no Placebo and so it’s not a

proper trial I I don’t remember who

wrote that study and it was also a very

small number of people um over a very

short period of time so the whole thing

was just nonsense it didn’t show

anything at all actually wow so are all

of these skin care Brands Hair Care

brands are they tricking


yes but it’s yeah they are it is it it

is praying on a vulnerability yeah that

is prevalent through all Society we all

want to look the best we can um you know

if we feel like there’s a problem with

our skin or hair we want to correct that

problem and we’d like to do it ourselves

no one wants to have to see a doctor

people don’t think hair problems are a

medical problem that skin problems are a

medical problem I should be able to deal

with this myself I should be able to go

to you know boots or Sephora and be able

to find a solution to this right but

unfortunately it’s a medical problem so

even just one you know seeing one decent

dermatologist once maybe enough to set

you on the correct path you’ll never

have to bother with anything ever again

that sounds amazing yeah so the tips are

minimal skare we don’t need a 10-step

plan be of Tik Tok trends for everything

for life don’t put rosemary oil in your

hair definitely not or castor oil on

your eyelashes and eyebrows NE that’s

also disgusting I don’t even know how

people do that like I don’t I don’t know

how you’re supposed to use a rosemary

oil you just like squirt on your head

and massage into your scalp with the pet

oh my God okay yeah that’s interesting

it’s really slimy though it’s oil but

the culture that I’m from we always use

oils in our hair so I just thought it

was normal but yeah I always try to get

you not to use oil on your head okay

your hair is fine lengths yeah but not

your scalp okay another lesson

that is there any viral products you’ve

seen that are good or that you would

recommend personally no no no like I

said I don’t really recommend any

skincare so I try to keep things

extremely simple and targeted so I only

give people what they need to have and

to me a moisturizer or a cleanser or

well sunscreen is different I said

moisturiz and cleansers they are they

adant like um extra things to help your

skincare your prescribed treatment

function better so some of the things I

prescribed can be a little bit drying so

then I’m like okay let’s put some

Vaseline or whatever on top of that and

so that’ll help you tolerate that better

and it will minimize irritation it

minimize redness minimize drying with

cleansers you know I I prefer non-drying

cleansers to remove your makeup or your

sunscreen so only once daily and you

don’t need to double cleanse that’s


like stupid concept I fallen for oh okay

yeah because like cleansers water is

pretty bad for your skin so cleansers

are also um they take away the surface

lipids the top of you know you want some

oiliness on your skin you need that

there and if you remove it with two not

one but two cleansers then you’re really

you’re going to your face is going to

feel tight afterwards you know people

like that tight I don’t know if you like

that tight well I just thought that mean

it was clean it was clean you know that

means you’ve removed all the surface oil

so you yeah sorry don’t make

but like you don’t ever want your skin

to feel tight after you do anything to

it okay so yeah that’s so no oils on

your scalp but what about oils on your

skin yeah I like oils on the like oil

cleansers oil yeah because they’re very

gentle and they just remove your makeup

and they don’t disrupt too much of the

surface lipids and you your face

shouldn’t feel tight after that okay

that’s the takeaway yeah bombs and oils

at the end of the podcast we always like

to ask our guest a top secret and we

would like to know your best skincare

Secret secret that you would like to

share um my best skincare secret is


to uh sleep

enough okay so like rest like I’m a big

fan of sleep and rest like a big fan

eight hours of sleep a day eight hours

of sleep or yeah roughly 10 you know T

of the day um but I think sleep and rest

is really underrated when it comes to

General Health and well-being you will

look much better like your skin will be

more glowy and stuff if you’ve rested I

don’t know if you ever noticed that when

I come back from holiday people always

think I have a tan I never have a tan

ever but I look less gu maybe pale

because I’ve been rested I’m resting so

um I think that makes a huge difference

so my skincare secret would be just try

to get enough rest which is easy to say

much harder to do amazing that’s really

good thank you so much for coming on the

podcast and teaching us all this

valuable no problem learn a lot of

lessons changing my skin ha routine

though very good simplifying spending

money on something else sure thank you

thank you very much thank you so much

for watching this episode of the king

podcast and hopefully we’ll catch you on

the next one

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