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Sreedevi completed her graduation from Dr.M.G.R.Medical University, India.

She holds a Post-Graduate certification in MAES (Movement Analysis and Education Strategies) for the treatment of children with Cerebral palsy and similar neurodevelopmental conditions.

She also holds a certification in Pelvic Floor & Continence, Assessment and Management.

She previously worked at SKMC (Sheikh Khalifa Medical City) in Abu Dhabi for 6 years. She also worked at a specialized Pediatric hospital in Abu Dhabi for almost 3 years. She spent her time caring for long-term condition as well as acute and chronic Neuro developmental delay conditions.

During her paediatric patient care, Sreedevi ensures not to stimulate or push the child to practice standard activities that are described in books about typical stages of development. Instead, she enjoys creating a setting to help the child’s brain to engage in activities that isolate and develop the specific skills the child is missing.

Sreedevi considers children as whole, capable and competent human beings.  She appreciates the challenges and  finds ways to open the possibilities for different and better outcomes.

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