Dr Adnan was raised in Manchester and was surrounded by medical professionals throughout his childhood. He grew up fascinated by the processes involved with reconstructing the body after injury or illness, and as an adult, chose to specialise in Plastic and Reconstructive surgery. The way in which reconstructive procedures not only resolved complex medical problems, but also provided patients with much needed optimism for a better future, was what convinced him to dedicate his life to this field.

After completing his MSc in Surgical Sciences at the University College of London (postgraduate thesis in Tissue Engineering), Dr Adnan was invited to present his findings in Munich, Germany, to the European Tissue Engineering Society. In 1999, he first started operating in this area of surgery. Now, he’s a Board-Certified Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon, and specialises in aesthetic procedures associated with the face and breast. In particular, he focuses on skin cancer, surgery on the hands, burns, and breast reconstruction. In fact, he originally started his career working with burns and cancer patients; helping people to not only recover from serious illness and injury, but restoring their confidence too.

Making people feel happier about themselves is of major importance to Dr Adnan. These days, he specialises in breast reduction and augmentation, and enjoys knowing that he’s had a positive impact in people’s lives. Over the years, Dr Adnan has carried out countless reconstructive procedures on the breast (such as free tissue transfer) and is now recognised as one of the Middle East’s finest breast reconstructive surgeons; especially for women who have had breast cancer.

In 2014, Dr Adnan was awarded DAFPRS (Dutch Association of Facial Plastic Reconstructive Surgery) fellowship. He spent three months working alongside surgeons in one of the largest tertiary hospitals in the Netherlands (Rotterdam), gaining invaluable insight and experience into Craniofacial and microsurgery techniques.

To date, Dr Adnan has conducted over 5000 operations, including over 600 aesthetic / massive weight loss surgeries. His diverse skillset means that he’s been able to carry out surgery to help those with injury to the hands, skin cancer, head or neck injuries / diseases, clefts, trauma and burns. He’s also carried out several paediatric and adult plastic surgery procedures.

He’s dedicated to ensuring that patients understand the rigours of the treatment, and making sure that they have realistic expectations about the surgery; while making tangible, remarkable differences to their lives. His focus is on improving quality of life, while maintaining the highest possible standards in the industry. Looking forwards, Dr Adnan aims to dedicate time to charitable causes; helping those who are unable to afford health care. He also intends to share his knowledge with local doctors working in challenging situations.

Through the course of his career, Dr Adnan has had several plastic surgery-related articles published in peer reviewed journals, and has presented at numerous medical events and meetings.

Areas of Expertise

  • Breast: Reduction, augmentation, reconstruction and mastectomy (up-to-date techniques such as lipo-transfer)
  • Face: Aesthetic, reconstruction, and neck reconstruction
  • Hands
  • Body: Contouring and lipo-sculpting, post massive weight-loss / bariatric surgery

Academic Awards / Membership

  • MSc in Surgical Sciences from the University College of London, UK
  • Post-graduate award (PGA) in Medical Education from the University of Warwick, UK
  • MBBS from the University of Karachi, Pakistan
  • MRSC from the Royal College of Surgeons, UK
  • BTEC – Principles of Laser, Light and Associated Aesthetic Therapies from Mapperley Park Clinic, UK
  • DAFPRS Fellowship (Craniofacial / microsurgery) from Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) in Plastic Surgery – on the GMC specialist register
  • FRCS (Plast) from the Royal College of Surgeons, UK


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