Dr Amr El Zawahry has over 27 years’ experience in the field of paediatrics. In addition to working as a Consultant and General Paediatrician, he’s also been an Assistant Professor in Paediatrics at Sharjar University, and has led many medical symposiums and conferences at governmental hospital level.

After graduating from the Faculty of Medicine at Ain Shams University, Egypt, Dr El Zawahry embarked on a teaching career, lecturing to medical students at Ain Shams University, then Sohar University in Oman. He then became a Specialist at Sohar Hospital before progressing to the position of Senior Specialist at Latif Hospital in Dubai. During this time, he covered inpatient, out-patient, paediatric emergency and paediatric intensive care.

Dr El Zawahry is passionate about teaching paediatric medical students and enjoys sharing his knowledge with others. He coordinates many of the simulation courses in North Emirates, helping to ensure that the next generation of paediatric specialists are as qualified as possible for their role. He also likes to personalise each patient interaction and goes to great lengths to make sure the patient and their family are satisfied.

When he’s not at work, Dr El Zawahry likes to spend time with his family and explore other parts of the world. He continues to organise scientific events in his field, and never objects to contacting his patients and following up on their progress.