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Dr Orth is a German paediatrician with nearly 20 years of experience in neonatology, paediatric intensive care, paediatric neurology, and clinical psychiatry.

Her extensive clinical expertise has been sharpened through diverse roles across several countries. After obtaining her medical degree, she pursued further specialisation in paediatric intensive care and neurology. Her career includes significant experience managing complex paediatric conditions, establishing and running specialised clinics, and serving as a medical lead in adolescent psychiatric services.

Dr Orth received her medical degree from the Technical University of Munich, Germany. She completed her postgraduate paediatric training in the UK and earned a PhD in paediatric neurology/epilepsy from the Technical University of Munich, achieving top honours. A stint in Australia further enhanced her expertise, where she engaged in dual training in adult and paediatric intensive care.

Among her achievements, Dr Orth has been instrumental in setting up and managing epilepsy clinics and clinics for children and adolescents with headache disorders. She has also contributed to the field through her leadership in paediatric and adolescent psychiatric care, particularly focusing on patients with eating disorders.


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