Dr. Badreya is a dermatology specialist training in Cardiff University graduated in 2012. She worked at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City which is managed by Cleveland clinic as dermatologist which is covered inpatients and outpatient services. She has an excellent knowledge of all general dermatology. Conditions routinely treated by Dr Badreya include: acne, allergies, cysts, eczema, fungal infections, hair disorders, melanoma, moles, psoriasis, rashes, rosacea, scars, skin discoloration, skin cancer, hair and nail problems , skin tags, sun damaged skin, ulcers, urticaria, vitiligo and warts.

She is and regularly lectures to residents, general practitioners and nurses. She did research in frontal alopecia, a hair disorders affecting mostly a women and its latest management for hair fall in women.

Among the cosmetic services offered include; skin rejuvenation for treatment of aging skin, sun damaged skin, acne scars and uneven pigmentation. Dr. Badreya carries a variety of product lines to suit the skincare needs of each individual patient. Your skin will be evaluated and a regimen designed specifically for your needs. Anti-wrinkle injections and fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm injections are available as a non-surgical treatment for the elimination of wrinkles. Dr. Badreya uses advanced laser therapy for problems such as age spots, acne scar and facial blood vessels. The office also offers facial peels and guidance regarding overall skin care.

Would you like to book an appointment to see a Dermatologist? Dr. Badreya Alshehhi is a leading Eczema & Skin Treatment expert with decades. Her specialties include Eczema treatments, Psoriasis, skin rejuvenation, antiaging clinic, acne treatments mole mapping or screening, mole removal, skin resurfacing, scar treatments, and fillers. She can be seen at our Abu Dhabi medical centre. Please click the button above to make an appointment at King’s College Hospital in Abu Dhabi.

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