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Dr David Sinclair is a consultant anaesthetist and aero-medical examiner (AME). He studied at Dartmouth Medical School (NH, USA), the University of San Diego (USA) and the renowned medical school of Tübingen (Germany) where he graduated in 1998. After five years of training he received his certificate of completion of training (CCT) in anaesthesiology from the state’s medical board. He also completed a fellowship in critical care medicine and pre-hospital emergency medicine, for which he likewise received the state board certificates. Over the last 20 years, Dr Sinclair worked in Germany, France and Luxembourg in the respective fields. In 2019 he completed his training with the European School of Aviation Medicine and is licensed by the German and Emirati national authority as aero-medical examiner (GCAA).

Dr Sinclair holds a medical license in Dubai, Germany, France and Luxembourg.

He was author and co-author to scientific and non-scientific publications in medical journals.

In his function as clinician, as well as flight physician he has presented topics during multiple national and international conferences.

Dr Sinclair is valued by his peers as a team player and by his patients for his empathy and patient focused care.