Dr Mohamed El Toukhy specialises in the management of pain; including chronic pain and pain associated with failed surgery or cancer. He also focuses on exploring other methods of pain control, including Botox injection and injection therapy.

After gaining an impressive array of certifications, including an MBBCh, an MRCP, an FRCA and a Masters in Critical Care, Dr El Toukhy undertook a fellowship in Pain Medicine, and was later awarded a Diploma in Pain Medicine.

He specialises in a wide variety of pain management. Pain management is his main speciality, though he also carries out many other procedures and tests, including spinal injections for chronic back pain, cervical facet joint injections, cervical epidurals for neck and arm pain, and lumbar and thoracic epidurals for chronic pain in the spine. He also treats sciatica sufferers.

Dr El Toukhy is interested in exploring new methods of reducing pain in his patients. He specialises in trigger point injections for muscle or scar pain, and Botox injections for those suffering with chronic migraines.