Dr Blanco is a World Leader Consultant Anaesthetist specialized in pain management and the Associate CMO for Anaesthesia and Critical Care at King’s College Hospital, Dubai. Dr Blanco has more than 23 years of experience in Anaesthesia. He completed his training to be a Consultant in Anaesthesia in Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust and he is considered one of the more relevant Consultants managing pain during and after all kinds of surgical procedures. His techniques in pain management are currently applied in five continents in all the most renown institutions in the world. His previous post was at Corniche hospital in Abu Dhabi where he implemented non-invasive, complication free techniques into the management of labour ward, obstetrics and gynaecology procedures, specifically caesarean sections. He has received multiple Medical Distinction awards as well being the Founder and Honorary President of the biggest Society in UK in Regional Anaesthesia.

Dr. Blanco is also a senior lecturer, NICE (National institute of Clinical Excellency) advisor in UK, Founder and Honorary President of the London Society of Regional Anaesthesia, author of 2 books in ultrasound regional anaesthesia and contributed worldwide in multiple book chapters and several papers for international magazines.

Need to discuss anything related to pain or an anaesthesia prior to your operation? Dr Rafael Blanco, is now working at King’s College Hospital in Dubai.