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Dr Sanjay Rathi is a UK-certified Consultant Paediatrician with extensive experience managing all aspects of Diabetes and Endocrine disorders in children. Before joining, Dr Sanjay practised as a Consultant Paediatrician at the Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in Nottinghamshire, UK. He earned his medical undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications from Nagpur University, continued further studies in the UK, and graduated with DCH from the University of Leeds. He has also been awarded MRCPCH and FRCPCH, completed Paediatric Specialist training in the UK, and been on the GMC Specialist register as a Paediatrician with a special interest in diabetes and endocrinology since 2008.  

For the last 14 years, Dr Sanjay has served as the Clinical Chair for Children and Young People’s East Midlands Diabetes Network. Additionally, he is also an enthusiastic teacher, and has been regularly involved in teaching and training medical students, junior doctors and nursing staff.  


Special Interests:

  • Type 1 and type 2 Diabetes management; Atypical and Monogenic Diabetes.
  • Insulin pump therapy and newer devices for glucose monitoring .
  • Flash, GCMS (Libre, Dexcom).
  • Hypoglycaemia management.
  • Advanced diabetes technology, including hybrid close loop systems for Congenital and Autoimmune hypothyroidism.
  • Disorders of Puberty – precocious and delayed puberty, adrenarche.
  • Pituitary disorders such as growth disorders, pituitary hormone deficiency, growth hormone deficiency, and diabetes insipidus.
  • Adrenal disorders.
  • Bone metabolism.


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