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Dr Thomas Nau received his medical degree from the University of Graz, Austria, in 1994. In 2003, he received his Austrian certification in Orthopedic Trauma Surgery from the Medical University of Vienna. Prof. Nau completed his residency in Orthopedic Trauma Surgery at the Medical University of Vienna in 2003, where he rotated through inpatient and outpatient wards and developed expertise in managing conditions ranging from trauma to sports-related injuries.

Before joining King’s College London Hospital Dubai, Prof. Nau served in the Beijing United Family Hospital in China and in American Hospital Dubai department of orthopedic surgery as an expert in sports injuries, arthroscopic surgery. In addition, Prof. Nau has an ongoing academic position as Adjunct Professor at the prestigious Vienna-based Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Experimental and Clinical Traumatology.

Prof. Nau has over 25 years of clinical experience. In addition to specializing in the treatment and diagnosis of sports-related injuries and arthroscopic surgery, he also completed a fellowship in trauma surgery. In addition to his clinical work, Prof. Nau is also published in prominent medical journals, including the American Journal of Sports Medicine, and also serves as reviewer for numerous academic peer-reviewed journals.

Prof. Nau is certified by the Austrian Medical Chamber and is a member of the Orthopaedic Trauma Association, the Austrian Society of Orthopaedic Trauma Surgery, the Austrian Society of Surgery, the International Society of Biomechanics, and the International Society of Sports Biomechanics.

Prof. Nau speaks German and English.


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