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King’s College Hospital London in Dubai and Medicentres Announce Collaboration

Dubai, UAE, 7th July, 2020 – King’s College Hospital London in Dubai is excited to announce the expansion of the King’s brand within Dubai. In partnership with Medicentres which operates 3 community clinics, Kings’ will now be delivering its services to local communities in Motor City, Jumeirah Park, and Al Furjan.

King’s, which is currently a leading force in bringing the best of British healthcare to the UAE, and Medicenters, share common values. These include a strong commitment to providing world-leading expertise, multi-disciplinary teamwork and evidence-based medicine, with majority of the physicians being UK, US and European-trained at both institutions. Additionally, both King’s and Medicentres clinics operate in modern facilities with the latest state-of-the-art imaging equipment and diagnostic technology.

Patient Care at the Forefront

Seamless clinical pathways between Medicentres clinics, and King’s will allow for a coordinated effort in combination with a multi-level unique communication structure between different specialties related to patient care and treatment plans. This comes with the goal of having the needs of patients effectively and efficiently met in a more multifaceted and focused manner.

Christian Schuhmacher, CEO of King’s College Hospital London in Dubai says: “During the most challenging era the UAE healthcare industry has ever faced, it makes me very proud and enthusiastic that King’s in Dubai not only sustained it’s business model and commitment to high quality healthcare during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but that we have continued to grow, and develop our vision of improved patient outcomes for a wider community in Dubai.”

For a while now, he adds, Medicentres and King’s have been collaborating on medical pathways such as Paediatrics and Orthopaedics, and we look forward to expanding our expertise further.

Primary Care and Hospital Care Integration

“At King’s in Dubai and by extension King’s in the UK, our Multi-Disciplinary Teams (MTDs) work as a single ecosystem to prioritize the health and well-being of our patients, and we are looking forward to this partnership in order to leverage the skills in building an even better and more accessible system,” says Mr Schuhmacher, noting that a more unified approach will result in a more progressive outcome.

As a result of this colloboration with Medicentres, patients will now have access to the high-quality trusted healthcare that is synonymous with the King’s brand at five clinics within Dubai, centrally located in Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, Motor City, Jumeirah Park, and Al Furjan. This will be in addition to the 100-bed state-of-the-art multispecialty hospital in Dubai Hills.

About King’s College Hospital London in Dubai

King’s College Hospital London in Dubai was established to provide for the healthcare needs of the whole family for both simple and complex medical conditions. We deliver the finest levels of healthcare, including consultations, diagnostic tests, treatments and recovery support.

At King’s, our priority is patient care, and we offer the same high-quality trusted healthcare, modern techniques and evidence-based procedures at our medical centres in Dubai as we provide at our internationally renowned hospital in the UK. Everything we do is driven by Best Practice Care pathways, and our desire to put the health outcomes of our patients before anything else.

The UAE’s strong ties with King’s College Hospital go back to 1979 when the nation’s founder, His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, provided a donation that helped establish the King’s liver research centre, which is now among the top three specialist liver centres in the world.

About Medicentres

Backed by Nur Capital, a Dubai based investment firm, Medicentres Polyclinic is a leading provider of premium primary healthcare in Dubai. For over a decade, its world class team of doctors and dentists have been providing families easy access to quality healthcare at 3 convenient locations. Medicentres offers comprehensive range of services for adults and children, across its network of clinics, including family medicine, paediatrics, dentistry, gynaecology, physiotherapy, sports medicine, ENT and dermatology. Its diversified team consists of Western qualified practitioners who are committed to delivering personalised care to all of their patients.