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LiveGen Wellness AED 3,000 AED 2100
While you cannot change the DNA you are born with, you can certainly modify your lifestyle to best suit your DNA and live a strong and healthy life. Make wellness a part of your everyday life. Take control of your health with King’s revolutionary LiveGen bundle, which provides actionable insights across hundreds of health parameters.



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Eat smarter and lose weight. Insights on the optimum mix of macro and micronutrients you need to maintain peak health.

Scientific Fitness:

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over 100 fitness parameters to help you hone your fitness routine.


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Find your optimal skincare routine based on your genetic blueprint.


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A breakdown of how your body responds to various medications to assist your healthcare providers in choosing the most efficacious treatments for you.

Wellness and Lifestyle:

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A general report of your genetic make-up to inform discussion with your health care providers regarding healthy lifestyle choices.

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