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Our London Faculty. World leading experts visiting the UAE

The world-leading expertise that we are bringing here –will now give residents access to a pool of some of the UK’s top clinicians, locally through King’s. By bringing world-leading experts in their field to the UAE every 4-6 weeks, we are able to offer patients cutting-edge treatment and procedures in high prevalence areas. Through our patient pathways and video conferencing, procedures can be followed up with the expert remotely with a member of the local King’s team.

  • Dr Bu Hayee, the pioneer of a new endoscopic technique that ameliorates some forms of diabetes, who will be ready to perform operations here from Jan 2018. He will be here to assess patients From 4th-8th December 2017
  • Dr David Hopkins. A world-leading consultant diabetologist who leads the team that Dr Bu Hayee practices with. He will be here to assess patients From 4th-8th December 2017
  • Dr Marco Sinisi, a world expert in peripheral neurology and pioneer in peripheral nerve injury. He will be ready to perform procedures in the UAE. From December 2017.
  • Dr Wayel Jassem is a Consultant Liver surgeon at King’s Liver Institute and part of Prof. Nigel Heaton’s world-leading liver transplantation medicine team He will be here to assess patients From 16th-18th December 2017
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