King’s College Hospital Dubai has been established to provide for the healthcare needs of the whole family and, whether your medical problem is simple or complex, we can deliver the finest levels of healthcare including consultations, diagnostic tests, treatments and recovery support. If required, we can also arrange for you to be referred for additional specialist treatment at our UK centre, King’s College Hospital.

In this section you will find all of the services that are offered across our facilities.

Insights and Information

  • Digestive Health During Ramadan

    As a dietitian, I see many people with digestive problems during the holy month of Ramadan. Digestive problems can leave you feeling embarrassed, anxious and fatigued – not ideal for what should be a joyous occasion. In this post, I will explain the different ways in which you can help your digestive symptoms and avoid…

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  • Healthy Eating for Ramadan

    Ramadan is the holy monthly of Islam. It symbolises a time of reflection and peacefulness for all. Muslims from across the world will celebrate this time by fasting during daylight hours. We know how important it is for you to enjoy this special time, so we at Kings College Hospital Dubai have written this post…

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  • HH Sheikh Hamdan inaugurates King’s College hospital in Dubai Hills

    His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai, Minister of Finance and President of the Dubai Health Authority inaugurated the new King’s College Hospital London in Dubai Hills. The flagship 100 bed hospital is the fourth King’s facility in the UAE and has already begun admitting patients. All the King’s medical…

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