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Midwifery Services

Some of the Services that our Midwives provide at the hospital includes:

The shared care model of antenatal care: This is where the Midwives can see and support mother during the antenatal period with oversight from the Obstetrician.

This includes: Initial introduction to the service and what to expect during the antenatal period. Being able to be available to answer any queries that the woman may have.

Antenatal Classes: These classes are provided for mum and dad/partner and focuses on the key periods of pregnancy: antenatal, intrapartum and postnatal periods. These classes are interactive and an opportunity for expectant parents to ask questions and receive pertinent information on key stages in the pregnancy.

Inpatient Care: The Midwife is part of the Multidisciplinary team that will support you during your admission. Her role is key is coordinating your admission and navigating you and your loved ones through the admission and birth process and postnatally once your baby is born.

Postnatal period:

  • Home care packages: Our home care packages are offered to mums who prefer to have follow up care in their homes. The period varies dependent on each mother, but the home care provides a professional midwife/nurse in your home, to continue postnatal checks and education.