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Best Aviation Doctors in Dubai |
Best Aviation Doctors in Dubai

King’s College Hospital London Medical Centre Jumeirah now offers Aviation Medicine Services, a branch of medicine that examines the health of airline personel.

The Aviation Medicine Clinic at King’s College Hospital London Medical Centre Jumeirah has a Senior Aviation Medical Examiner (SAME) and a General Aviation Medical Examiner on board, who have been designated by the General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) and given the authority to perform annual medical examination for the flying crew and issue medical certificates if, they meet regulatory requirements.

Pilots have a huge responsibility given that they are responsible for hundreds of lives while flying.

There are various reasons that could impair a pilot’s ability and render a flight unsafe, such as physical illness, medication, stress, alcohol, fatigue and emotion. If a pilot has a health issue, it could impair his or her ability to fly safely.

All pilots need to have a valid medical certificate in order to fly. The certificate states that they are in good physical and mental condition. Aviation doctors check the physical and mental health of pilots and order blood pressure, and other diagnostic tests, such as ECG or Stress Tests. Senior Aeromedicine Examiners also advise pilots about proper diet, exercise and preventive measures to be taken.

The Aviation Medicine Clinic at KCH Jumeirah is approved by the GCAA in the United Arab Emirates. The clinic is lead by a GCAA Certified Senior Aero Medical Examiner (SAME) and is supported by certified aviation medicine nurses GCAA Certified Specialist Aero Medical Examiners in various disciplines like ENT, Endocrinology, Rheumatology and Dermatology.

King’s College Hospital London Aviation Medicine Clinic is one of the only two GCAA approved independent aviation medicine providers in the UAE that can provide a full range of aviation medicals.

King’s College Hospital London Aviation Medicine Clinic offers a comprehensive range of services, including Initial Class I Aeromedical Examination, direct reinstatements of flying crew, Class III Aeromedical Examinations, and fitness to work assessments.

The Aviation Medicine Clinic is conveniently located in Jumeirah on the Jumeirah Road and offers complimentary valet parking. The Team of Doctors are aware of the pressures and anxieties faced by airline staff and makes sure that medical examinations are carried out with the utmost personalised care and finalised without a long waiting time.

GCAA Medicals

King’s College Hospital London Aviation Medicine Clinic offers comprehensive range of services for your GCAA medicals, including:

  • Class I Renewal
  • Class II Renewal
  • Class III Renewal
  • Cabin Crew Renewal

  • Fitness to Work Assessment

  • Direct Reinstatement of  Medical Certificate

  • Medical Board Evaluation