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Invasive Breast Cancer Treatment (Rare Types)

Rare Forms of Invasive Breast Cancer

At King’s our Breast Care Centre can also diagnose and treat a variety of rare invasive breast cancers. These types of breast cancer account for around 10% of all invasive breast cancer cases.

Rare forms of breast cancer include:

  • Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC): This type of breast cancer is one of the rare types and it’s considered quite aggressive because it spreads fast. It first appears as a form of irritated skin and blocks the lymph nodes on the breast and skin as well. It is also difficult to diagnose, because it cannot be seen clearly during a mammogram. It accounts for 1%-5% of all breast cancer cases.
  • Paget’s Disease of the Breast: Paget’s is an unusual form of breast cancer because it appears as an eczema-like rash on the nipple. It accounts for less than 5% of all breast cancer cases.
  • Micropapillary
  • Tubular
  • Medullary
  • Cribriform
  • Mucinous (also called colloid breast cancer)
  • Malignant phyllodes
  • Medullary
  • Metaplastic
  • Papillary
  • Micropapillary

At King’s College Hospital London Dubai, our Breast Care Clinic caters to most types of breast cancers. For more information on breast cancer and breast care, book an appointment below.

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