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Invasive Cardiology |
Best Invasive Cardiologist in Dubai

Invasive cardiology deals specifically with minimally invasive and usually catheter-based management of cardiac disorders. A catheter is a medical device, a thin tube that can be inserted into the body to treat conditions or perform surgical procedures. At King’s Cardiology Department, we offer following interventional procedures:

CORONARY ANGIOGRAPHY – We perform painless coronary angiography from the wrist or leg. The procedure is usually day-case and patient is able to mobilise few hours after the procedure. The purpose of the test is to investigate important narrowings in any of the three coronary arteries and to devise a plan for further management.

CORONARY ANGIOPLASTY/STENT– Its usually a follow-on procedure after coronary angiography if we find significant narrowing in coronary blood vessel. A coronary intervention (coronary angioplasty) is a procedure to open narrowed heart arteries.  It involves placement of a stent (small metal tube) into a blocked passageway to keep it open.


A pacemaker is a small electronic device that is usually placed in the chest (just below the collarbone) to help regulate slow electrical problems with the heart. A pacemaker may be recommended to ensure that the heartbeat does not slow to a dangerously low rate

Implantable Cardiac defibrillator (ICD)

It’s a special Pacemaker device implantable just like Pacemaker as above and is capable of correcting and terminating most life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias. This may be indicated after heart attacks of in advanced heart failure.

Intra-Vascular UltraSound (IVUS)

It is a diagnostic ultrasound test performed during the angiography. This test uses sound waves to see inside blood vessels. It is useful for evaluating the coronary arteries that supply the heart.

Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR)

Fractional flow reserve is a technique used in coronary angiography to accurately diagnose if the narrowing is ‘narrow-enough’ to need a stent or can it be treated with medicines. It reduces the need for stent placement according to current research.

Intravascular Lithotripsy (IVL)

Just like kidney stones are disintegrated using sound wave-based lithotripsy, at King’s we offer same procedure in severely calcified coronary arteries. This is state-of-the-art technique and we are one of the few in the UAE to offer this.


This is an emergency procedure adjunct to the coronary angioplasty during the heart attack. This is needed when the patient is in heart failure during heart attack and blood pressure dropped leading to critical situation. This device is implanted for few days through the groin and support the blood pressure and speedy recovery after severe heart attack.


الأسئلة الأكثر شيوعا

Dr. Mehmood (Consultant Interventional Cardiologist), Dr. Omar Hallak (Consultant Interventional Cardiologist), Dr. Jose Carlos Moreno Samos (Consultant Interventional Cardiologist), Dr. Layla Al Marzooqi (Specialist Cardiologist & Aeromedical Examiner) and Dr. Ali K Moussavi (Specialist Cardiologist) are considered the best Cardiologists in Dubai.