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The morphology scan may be referred to as the nineteen-week scan. By this stage most of the organs and structures among the baby have shaped and square measure able to be assessed with ultrasound.

For those attending their 1st ultrasound examination during this physiological condition, the subsequent will be established:
• Presence of vertebrate heartbeat
• Number of fetuses
• Fetal size
• Fetal structural development
• Placental position
• Amniotic fluid volume
• Gender

Some abnormalities can never be seen on ultrasound. These embrace encephalopathy, autism, hearing disorder and vision defect. but everything that may be seen on ultrasound are checked while you’re scanned. sometimes some areas can not be absolutely assessed on the day because of the patient’s BMI or the lie of the foetus. In these rare occasions you’ll be asked to come at a later date thus these areas will be absolutely assessed.

Sometimes markers will be seen among the foetus which will have a link with congenital anomaly. These embrace gently expanded kidneys, plexus (brain) cysts, short limbs and underdeveloped or absent nasal. once these markers square measure noted, there’s associate degree increased likelihood that the foetus may have congenital anomaly. Though this procedure is typically performed at concerning fourteen weeks, it will be done at any time within the physiological condition if required.

Fetal gender will nearly always be determined at this scan. On rare occasions, because of the lie of the fetus, we have a tendency to could also be unable to ascertain the baby’s gender. If you want to grasp the baby’s gender and that we cannot see it on the day, we’ll organize for you to return in at a later date at no charge. You’ll solely be told the gender of your baby if you request this data.

In our exercise, we’ve got a listing of vertebrate anatomical structures that has got to be seen by the professional person before your scan is taken into account complete. Our apply policy is for the morphology scan to be viewed by 2 qualified practitioners. it’s necessary to notice that regardless of however elaborate the scan, we can and we will solely see anomalies that are structural in nature. For instance, ultrasound can ne’er show cerebral palsy, vision defect or syndrome. If associate degree anomaly is found at this ultrasound, your referring caregivers are notified, and that we can discuss the findings with you.

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