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Advanced Parkinson's Disease Treatment

King’s Advanced Parkinson’s Research Centre

King’s Advanced Parkinson Research Centre in Dubai is directly linked with the King’ Parkinson’s Centre of Excellence in London.

We bring the latest treatments such as non-oral and device aided therapies for advanced Parkinson’s, (including Stage 5), from London to the UAE.

We are proud to be the first centre offering lifesaving advanced infusion therapy treatments in the Middle East region.

Our centre is made up of a multi-disciplinary team, led by advanced Parkinson’s expert Dr Vinod Metta, Consultant Interventional Neurologist, part of the King’s visiting Doctor Programme.

Learn more about our treatments.  Watch the video below and discover how a Stage 5 Advanced Parkinson’s patients, wheel chair bound for over 2 years was able to walk again and eat independently in less than 48 hours after treatment.

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