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Spine Deformities Clinic
Best Spine Deformities Doctors in Dubai

At King’s, our general surgeons have vast expertise and experience in treating spinal deformities and are highly skilled operating on patients with this condition.

What are Spine Deformities?

Spinal deformities occur due to the anomalous development of the vertebrae in the embryo. Spina bifida is a common spinal deformity caused due to the improper development of the spine and spinal cord.

Spinal deformities signs & symptoms

Spinal deformities can result in varying clinical presentations. Some of the common symptoms of spinal deformities include abnormalities of the curvature of the spine that result in:

  • Scoliosis
  • Hyperlordosis
  • Hyperkyphosis

The neurological symptoms may include motor and sensory signs such as paraplegia, and tingling and numbness in the arms and legs.

Spinal deformities common causes

Spina deformities like spina bifida are more common in Hispanics and whites. It is known to affect women more commonly than men.

Babies with a family history of spinal deformities or neural tube defects are also more likely to develop these conditions.

The risk of spinal deformities is higher in babies when the mother suffers from the following conditions during pregnancy.

  • Folate deficiency
  • Use of medications such as anti-seizure medications during pregnancy
  • Diabetes
  • Increased body temperature
  • Obesity

Treatments / Surgical options

A multidisciplinary approach is recommended for the treatment of spine deformities. It may need medical and surgical intervention by craniofacial plastic specialists, neurosurgeons and geneticists.

If the congenital spinal deformity is mild, the physician may recommend observation and regular monitoring to assess the need for surgery.

The goal of surgery is to relieve symptoms and align the spine.

Alignment and stabilization of the spine must be achieved with precision from all angles. Also, keeping the spine in a stable position may require the implantation of screws or rods.


Dr. Imtiaz Hashmi & Dr Nicandro Figueiredo are considered as the best Spinal Deformity Surgeons in Dubai.