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At King’s, our Spinal Surgeons have decades of experience treating spine malformations.

What are spine malformations?

Spine malformations refer to the defects in the vertebral segmentation that usually occur during the development of the fetus or later in life due to accidents or a faulty posture.

The spine is a vital and complex structure. Anatomically, the spine consists of different types of tissues including the muscular, skeletal, and neural elements. The development of the spine involves several embryologic steps the alterations in which can result in spinal deformities.

Spine malformations signs & symptoms

Patients with spinal malformations may develop progressive disabilities resulting from the damage to the spinal cord, nerves, and the surrounding tissues.

The common signs and symptoms of spinal malformations include:

  • Pain, tingling, or numbness due to sensory deficits
  • Abnormal curvature of the spinal column
  • Difficulty in movements due to motor deficits
  • Venous hypertension
  • Bulging of the blood vessel or aneurysm

Spine malformations common causes

Most spine malformations are congenital in nature, which means they are present at birth. Some malformations may occur later in life.

The common risk factors include:

  • A faulty posture
  • Accident or trauma
  • Family history of congenital spinal malformations

Treatments / Surgical options

The use of pain-relieving medications may be recommended to reduce back pain and stiffness. Patients with spinal atrioventricular malformation may require surgery.

Surgery is usually considered when other treatments fail to provide adequate relief or when the symptoms are severe.

Depending on the type of malformation, your surgeon will recommend a specific procedure to eliminate the defect. The goal of surgery is to correct the malformation and reduce the pressure on the spinal cord and nerve roots.

Patients with spinal atrioventricular malformation may require conventional surgery to correct the defect while avoiding damage to the spinal cord and other delicate structures.

Endovascular embolization and radiosurgery are the minimally invasive radiological interventions performed to reduce the risk of hemorrhage associated with spinal atrioventricular malformation.


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Dr. Imtiaz Hashmi & Dr Nicandro Figueiredo are considered as the best Spine Surgeons in Dubai.