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At King’s College Hospital our obstetrics team offers a complete package of care for the expectant mother throughout their pregnancy, during the birth and after the delivery of their baby.

Our antenatal care package, run by our Obstetrics team from our Dubai Hospital and Medical Centre’s, includes regular check-ups for the mother-to-be, as well as detailed ultrasound scans to monitor the growth of the baby.

What we offer
As part of King’s College Hospital, our doctors are world leaders in the diagnosis and treatment of problems that can occur during pregnancy, labour and delivery.

We offer a holistic approach in the care of expectant mothers, working closely with specialists in fetal medicine and other departments to offer a complete package of bespoke care for each mother-to-be. We have expertise in the care of mothers with pre-existing medical conditions and in high-risk obstetrics.

During your pregnancy
During your pregnancy you’ll be invited to attend regular appointments with your obstetrician, who specialises in caring for women during pregnancy, labour and after the baby’s birth. Our fetal medicine unit provides detailed ultrasound assessment of your unborn baby, usually at 12 and 20 weeks of pregnancy, as well as regular growth scans.

You’ll be offered routine ultrasound scans which usually take place at around 12 weeks and again at 20 weeks. If there are any concerns about your pregnancy, you may be offered more frequent scans.

In addition, our team of midwives offer:

  1. Antenatal Classes to help you prepare for childbirth
  2. Birth Wishes Consultation: a one-to-one consultation with the expectant couple during the 3rd trimester to formulate an individualised birth wish plan
  3.  Hypnobirthing Classes: antenatal training classes designed to release fear and build confidence during pregnancy and birth, providing you with the knowledge and tools to have a positive and empowering birth

During the birth
The Obstetrics department has a labour ward with delivery rooms that offer direct access to operating theatres for elective caesarean sections and a separate emergency obstetric theatre.

After your baby is born
A paediatrician, who specialises in the care of babies and children, will be on hand during the birth and can check your baby afterwards to reassure you that everything is OK. They will be able to diagnose any problems, offer immunisations and advise you about how these may be treated, as well as offering routine immunisations. You can find out more about our Paediatrics Department and some of the conditions they are able to treat and diagnose.

In addition, our team of midwives offer:

  1. Postnatal Maternity Homecare Service aims to provide a continuum of support for mothers and their babies in their own homes, with focus on personal and emotional health post-delivery
  2. Baby Massage Course for some quality 1:1 time with your baby, promoting bonding and attachment, relief of colic, gas and improved sleep
  3. Certified Newborn First Aid Course offered by the American Safety and Health Institute and Kings College Hospital, designed for parents and nannies, and anyone who cares for Newborns

If you have any concerns about special diets or healthy eating, we can arrange for you to have advice from a specially trained dietitian who can also help if you have had gestational diabetes.

If you would like to know more about our obstetrics and antenatal care services, please get in touch. Our Dubai based obstetrics team have extensive knowledge and experience caring for expectant mothers. Contact us for more information or to arrange an appointment.