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Antenatal Classes


Antenatal classes Dubai

King’s Obstetrics Clinic provides Antenatal Classes delivered by our team of UK trained midwives.

Our Antenatal classes are designed to help support and prepare Mums and Dads for their baby’s arrival. We offer face-to-face antenatal classes:

  • Face-to-face classes on 1st Sunday of every month 1-4pm.

King’s Antenatal Classes are paid classes.

For more information and to book, call us on 800 7777. 


During these sessions we will cover the different stages of pregnancy for mothers to be and their birth partner to prepare them for labour, birth and beyond.

  • Pregnancy preparation for labour and birth
  • What to expect in labour from latent phase, to active labour, pushing phase and birthing your placenta
  • Your pain relief options
  • When the journey to birth changes including induction of labour, instrumental birth and cesarean section
  • The magic hour after baby is born including delayed cord clamping and skin to skin
  • Women’s Physiotherapy and pelvic floor care
  • Stem Cell Collection Information
  • Postnatal care in first few days in hospital and beyond
  • Home care visits
  • Basics of New-born Baby Care (nappy changing, bathing, neonatal conditions to be aware of and including breast feeding and bottle feeding)
  • The support available for you
  • Tour of labour and postnatal ward

Benefits of joining an antenatal class:

Antenatal classes are a great way to expand your support network by making friends and sharing experiences with other parents who are expecting babies around the same time as you. Often parents form long term friendships with the other parents they meet.

When should I attend antenatal classes

Typically, parents attend antenatal classes from 28 weeks gestation, earlier if twins are expected.  However, we welcome parents at any stage.

For more information and to book,  call us on 800 7777.

Location: King’s College Hospital, Dubai Hills, Al Khail Road, Exit 65, Al Marabea Street

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