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Spine Pain Treatment
Best Spine Pain Doctors in Dubai


Millions of people in the UAE are suffering from spinal pain that directly affects the quality of their life. Rarely, spinal pain can be an emergency or a serious medical condition. But it can be enough to interfere with people’s daily activity and can cause significant psycho-social issues. A proper diagnosis is paramount to determine the best treatment. A thorough physical and neurological assessment may reveal the cause of the pain.

At King’s Spinal Pain Management Clinic – we are well-familiar with the toll spinal pain can have an on a person and stop them from living their life happily. Following a consultation with your back pain consultant, diagnosis will be established and you will be offered a number of treatment options. The pain clinic at King’s offer advanced minimally invasive interventions which can help to relief your symptoms without the need for surgery. So patients can get relief from spinal pain and enjoy life to the fullest.

The treatments include:

· Transformational epidural steroid injections

· Radio-frequency denervation

· Selective nerve root blocks

· Facet joint medial branch blocks

· Medication review

· Physiotherapy

Our experts will take a detailed look at the history of your spinal pain and overall health. They will advise a solution that will fix the spinal pain so that you can sit or stand for elongated hours without any pain or discomfort.