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Back to School Package – 600 AED

At King’s College Hospital, we present a comprehensive child wellness assessment tailored to guarantee the well-being of your child. Our goal is to ensure the optimal physical and mental state of your child while giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your child is thriving.

Our medical experts and doctors will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your child’s health. This includes an analysis of their medical background, a physical checkup, and an array of tests to evaluate their overall health. Furthermore, our experts will provide advice and guidance tailored to your child to ensure that your child is at their happiest and healthiest.

Included in the package:

Pediatrician Consultation:

  •  Vaccination update (Flu vaccine with extra charge of 100)
  • Anaemia Screening:  CBC
  • Vitamin D Blood Test
  • Healthy Heart Screening

Dietician Consultation:

  • Nutritional assessment of your child’s diet and eating habits
  • BMI assessment
  • Healthy Food Options for School