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Pediatric Ward
At King’s College Hospital


During your stay, our aim is to provide you and your child with the best quality care combined with evidence-based practice. We understand staying in hospital can be a stressful time, so we aim to put your child’s need first and always.


The Paediatric Ward is based on the 5′” floor of the hospital, we look after a large variety of children from birth to 16 years old. You may have been referred by your Consultant from the outpatient department or have been admitted via the emergency department, or as an elective case.

Our main specialities are General Paediatrics, Paediatric Orthopaedics, Paediatric Surgery, Neurology and ENT.

When you arrive onto the ward you will be shown to your private room complete with ensuite, entertainment facilities, and WIFI. You will be allocated a nurse to look after your child who will be with you throughout the day/ night. Your child will have a range of treatment given based on their needs, this may include bloods, fluids, IV/ Oral medications, & physiotherapy and observa- tions at regular intervals during your stay.

The nurse and the doctor will take a medical history from you to get a better understanding of your child and a plan of care will be made for your stay.

There will be 2 ward rounds – one in the morning with your lead consultant and the ward doctor and one in the evening with the ward doctor. The doctor will examine your child. At Kings College Hospital we believe in holistic care and the doctor will ask you and/or you child how they are. A plan of care will be made for your child for the next 24hrs, this also includes planning for discharge home.


We understand surgery & procedures can be a daunting and anxious time for both the child and the parents, we would like to ensure that this process is as relaxed and smooth as possible. Please follow the instructions from the Anaesthia Team regarding your fasting times.

To ensure your surgery/ procedure runs on time, we request you come to the hospital 2 hours prior to your procedure, you must report on the 2nd floor — admission office to be registered, please ensure you bring all your documents including EID and Insurance cards. I hey will then escort you to your allocated room.

If you are running late, please call the ward on 045199531 or 045199513 and inform the Nurse in Charge of your delay.

Please do bring your child’s favourite toys, iPads and comforter, this will make them feel more at ease.


We are open 24hrs a day / days a week. Our visiting hours are 10:00AM – 8:00PM. Parents can visit 24 hours a day / days a week, but only 1 to stay overnight. We request that there are no more than 2 visitors by the bed space at any time. For the first 24hours post operatively we would advise to limit visitors to just immediate family only to allow your child to rest properly.

All visitors are to report to security for a badge. This must be warn at all times.

We will try our best to avoid procedures should you have visitors, unfortunately this isn’t always possible. We ask if any interventions need to be undertaken, all visitors are to leave the room and wait in the waiting area outside of the ward.

We ask if you could kindly respect the space & noise of the other patients on the ward and keep noise levels to a minimum, this includes the TV and phone calls.

If you or any visitors feel unwell, they should avoid visiting the hospital until you are well/symptom free. Siblings when any respiratory / fever/ diarrhea and vomiting symptoms should not attend the ward. This is not only the safety of your child but also for the other patients in the hospital.

Please ensure you use the hand gel provided when entering and exiting the room.


We aim to get you back home as soon as possible. We will arrange any follow up appointments prior to your discharge.

When your child is ready to be discharged, the doctor may require you to go home with medications and sometimes the doctor would like your child’s wound to be cleaned/dressed in a certain way. The nurses on the ward will complete any teaching before you go home to make sure you are comfortable to take your child home.

The discharge process takes one – two hours and it includes obtaining insurance approval and medicines from pharmacy. We aim to discharge you before 12:00PM.

A discharge report, with a full summary of your child’s stay in hospital will also provided to you before you go home.

If you require sick leave and/or school nurse letters, please inform the staff at your earliest convenience and we can provide them for YOU.