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Ramadan Health Screening

While fasting has many spiritual rewards, studies have shown that it also has several physical benefits. Weight loss, lower cholesterol levels, better blood pressure control, improved immunity and increased endorphins are all advantages of fasting. However, prolonged duration of fasts may also lead to dehydration and weakness, therefore, our experts recommend well-balanced Suhoor and Iftar meals and plenty of fluids to replenish energy stores and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

At King’s, we have developed a customized Ramadan health check-up to ensure that you are functioning at the highest level of health. Our health screen includes

  • Complete Blood Count
  • Kidney Tests- BUN, Creatinine
  • Liver Tests- AST, ALT
  • Fasting Blood Sugar
  • Vitamin D
  • Lipid Profile
  • Inflammatory marker
  • ECG
  • Consultation with Physician