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Speech Language Therapy

Speech Language therapy supports the importance of communication in everyday life.

Our Pediatric Speech language therapists have a range of experience and expertise, including but not limited to working with:

  1. Genetic Syndromes (e.g., Down Syndrome, Williams Syndrome, Turner Syndrome, Angelman’s Syndrome, etc.); Neurological disorders (e.g., Cerebral Palsy, traumatic brain injury, stroke, seizure disorders); Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD); Articulation and motor speech disorders – alone (e.g. Misarticulation, Phonological Disorder) or secondary to other diagnoses (e.g. cleft palate); Receptive and expressive language disorders/delays, and specific language impairment (SLI); Feeding or swallowing issues; Semantic and/or Pragmatic Language Disorders; Hearing Impairments and/or multi-sensory impairments; Auditory Processing Disorders; Cognitive/Attention Impairments; Voice disorders
  2. Our Speech language therapists are also trained in the evaluation and treatment of adults with traumatic brain injuries, apraxia, stuttering, hearing loss, voice disorders, stroke and other neurogenic communication disorders
  3. One-to-one therapy sessions and group therapy programs are designed for children based on the individual needs of each child. Group therapy helps children with pragmatic language difficulties who could find it difficult to make friends and socialize.
  4. Augmentative Alternative Communication [ACC] (low tech or high tech) can also be incorporated in therapy if the child is thought to benefit from it.
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