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What You Need to Know Before Having Any Plastic Surgery Procedure

What You Need to Know Before Having Any Plastic Surgery Procedure

The rise of social media and smart phone filters has led most people to create unrealistic expectations of what they should look like. And plastic surgery has played a major role in body transformation around the world including Dubai and the UAE in general.

Wanting to enhance your natural beauty is fairly normal, as long as you go about it the right and safe way without going overboard. Below is a list of some crucial factors, which anyone looking to have any type of aesthetic procedure, regardless how minimal, should follow if they want the best and most natural outcomes.

Consider these factors before having any plastic surgery procedure

1.      The right plastic surgeon

Choosing the right plastic surgeon for your plastic surgery procedure should be at the top of your list. It’s not news that there are quacks out there masquerading as plastic surgeons. To know if a plastic surgeon is good or not, he/she should fit into a certain criterion. This includes but not limited to:

  1. The plastic surgeon should be qualified, licensed, and accredited by a recognized board; in other words, board-certified. You should be able to see proof of this as well as be able to verify without question.
  2. The surgeon should also have sufficient experience in his/her speciality. And to take it further, the said experience should be in the cosmetic procedures they says they are an expert in.
  3. The patient should be satisfied with the answers the plastic surgeon gives, and if at any point you feel unsatisfied with the information provided, you should not go ahead with the procedure.
  4. Make sure the surgeon shows you his ‘before & after’ photos of the plastic surgery procedure in question in addition to the reviews he has received from previous patients.
  5. Be sure the plastic surgeon is operating in a licensed medical facility, and not in the basement of his villa, or apartment.

2.      Your goal should be to enhance your features, and not to completely change them

The purpose of plastic surgery is to naturally enhance one’s natural beauty and not to completely change your looks to the point of being unrecognisable. Extreme aesthetic procedures are not recommended, and any good plastic surgeon will advise you against it.

3.      Just because a celebrity is doing it you don’t have to

The decision to have a plastic surgery procedure should not be driven by the need to look like your favourite celebrity. This is mainly because your bone structures are different, and the results you get after the procedure will be nothing similar to that of the said celebrity. Also, bear in mind that most of the images you see of celebrities on social media are heavily photoshopped, so they might not look as perfect as you think they do.

4.      Social media should not dictate your looks

Lately, having an extreme hour-glass figure that includes a thin waist, and extra-large gluteal muscles has been trending on every social media platform. To achieve this kind of figure, one has to undergo extreme liposuction and large amounts of fat transfer or collagen-replacing injectables. A well contoured and symmetrical body is not only naturally beautiful, but realistic as well.

5.      You should have a genuine need for a plastic surgery procedure

Although plastic surgery procedures are mostly elective, there are cases where there is a genuine need for one. These cases include:

  • Overly large breasts that lead to pain and discomfort. In such cases, a breast reduction surgery is needed, which can even be covered by your insurance.
  • After weight loss surgery. This is a procedure that gets rid of excess and sagging skin and tissue after drastic weight loss.
  • Ear surgery, also known as Otoplasty. In this case, the procedure mostly corrects a birth defect of the ear structure.
  • Rhinoplasty, commonly known as a nose job. This is a procedure that can correct impaired breathing as a result of structural defects to the nose, in addition to enhancing facial symmetry by improving its shape.

Finally, over the course of your research regarding a potential plastic surgery procedure, you will come across a lot of information from different sources. However, if you are at the beginning of your journey, use the above factors as a baseline before making any decisions.