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Michael is a UK-trained Podiatrist with specialised training in Sports Podiatry. Armed with a PG Cert from Queen Mary University of London, he is highly adept at treating foot, ankle, and lower leg issues. His expertise also extends to the related structures of the leg. Michael utilises in-depth movement pattern assessments, video gait analysis, and pressure readings to make accurate diagnoses and treatments.

Prior to joining us, Michael had a varied career, including a stint as a semi-professional footballer and a nationally-ranked junior tennis player. His experience in sports makes him particularly skilled in managing foot and ankle complaints, especially in athletes. He employs the latest technologies and methodologies to address various conditions and is passionate about helping patients return to optimal performance.

Michael earned his Postgraduate Certificate in Podiatric Sports Medicine from Queen Mary University of London. He also holds a First Class Honours Bachelor of Applied Science in Podiatric Medicine/Podiatry from the University of Brighton. He has a special interest in sports medicine, which aligns perfectly with his professional background.


Special Interest:

  • Sports Medicine
  • Tendonitis / Tendinopathy
  • Flat foot / Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction
  • Plantar fasciitis / fasciopathy / heel pain
  • Ankle / Foot arthritis/ Hallux valgus / Bunion/ Hammertoes (non-surgical treatments)
  • Ankle sprains / Chronic ankle instability
  • Plantar plate tear, neuroma, bursitis, capsulitis
  • LTB syndrome- outer knee pain/ Patella femoral knee pain syndrome
  • Mtss (shin splints)/ Hypermobility/ Foot drop
  • Run assessment/gait retraining/ Footwear advice
  • Speed healing after an injury or surgery



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