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Dermoid Cysts Diagnosis & Treatment in Dubai |

A dermoid cyst is a benign (non-cancerous) sac filled with fluid and semi-fluid substances like skin, hair and teeth. The cyst is congenital, which means it occurred during fetal development. The cyst is usually localized on the head and neck and becomes visible after birth. Their consistency is non-tender not unless raptured.

Common Causes of Dermoid Cysts

Dermoid cysts usually grow slowly and are non-life threatening. They develop when solid and semi-solid tissues like skin, sweat glands, teeth and hair get trapped during the development stage of a fetus.

Symptoms of Dermoid Cysts

Dermoid cysts can appear small or large, and each case can present varying symptoms. On the other hand, the cysts can appear similar to other neck lumps or neck masses. Some of the common symptoms of dermoid cysts include:

  • Small painless lump on the neck, face or scalp
  • Skin-colored lump
  • A small opening that oozes a ‘cheesy’ substance

Diagnosis of Dermoid Cysts

A dermoid cyst can be diagnosed through a physical exam. By physically examining the cyst, as well as the symptoms presented, a specialist can tell that it is a dermoid cyst. It can easily be moved underneath the skin painlessly. But in order to determine is the cyst is connected to other tissues inside the body like the neck and head, then a number of more tests and exams might be recommended. These include:

  • Ultrasound: An ultrasound generates images of the cyst in real time using sound waves.
  • CT Scan: A CT scan produces 3D images of the sebaceous cyst.

Treatment Options for Dermoid Cysts

As mentioned, dermoid cyst are not dangerous, not unless:

  • It increases in size
  • Changes color
  • Becomes inflamed or painful

The removal of a dermoid cysts can only be recommended for cosmetic reasons, it raptures, becomes inflamed or infected. As a treatment option, the cyst is usually surgically removed together with its lining, but this will depend on several factors like:

  • The patient’s age
  • Their overall health
  • Tolerance for specific therapies or medications
  • Location of the cyst

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