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Midwifery Team

Dr Shine Ashokan

Blossom Morah

I’m a Registered Nurse Midwife and have dedicated myself to the service of birthing women and the family. I derive profound joy from guiding natural processes and supporting women in whatever type of birthing experience they want. No two Moms, no two babies and no two births are the same, so it is important to me to individualize care to each mom. I feel honoured to share in the miracle of bringing babies into this world by supporting my moms and giving them safe and natural options for their birth.

Dr Shine Ashokan

Florina Aragon

I’m a Registered Nurse/Midwife from the Philippines. Over 17 years work experience as a nurse/midwife in LDR, Nursery and post natal unit. Highly trained midwife conducting normal deliveries. Well experienced in handling complicated cases and obstetrical emergencies.
I completed 10 years work experience here in the UAE. I can say Midwifery is all about helping and caring, and the greatest joy is to bring new life into this world!
I’m a jolly person always want to chat and mingle with family & friends and I love cooking.

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