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Endoanal Ultrasound (EAUS)
Endoanal Ultrasound Scan

What is an Endoanal Ultrasound

An Endoanal Ultrasound is a test that allows the doctor to evaluate in depth, using ultrasonography, of the different constituents of the wall of the anal canal and the latter part of the rectum, as well as the surrounding area.


It is a very accurate technique in the preoperative phase staging of tumours and anal canal and the study of benign anorectal pathology such as

  • Anal fistula
  • Abscesses
  • Assessment of cases of fecal incontinence

WHAT DOES the endoanal ultrasound INVOLVES?

Before EAUS

After the doctor explains the reasons and the steps of the procedure you may be asked to take a cleaning bowel formula at home before the procedure

During EAUS

The endoanal ultrasound doesn’t require any sedative medication because its painless procedure , the doctor will ask you to lay on your side with your back to the doctor , however if necessary you may be asked to change positions during the examination , the doctor will insert slowly the ultrasound probe through the anus .

The examination usually takes between 15-20 minutes


It is generally a well-tolerated examination, performed on an outpatient basis without the need for sedation or analgesia.

You might experience some abdominal discomfort and the feeling of wanting to defecate. These complaints improve with the removal of the device or a few minutes after the end of the examination.

After the examination, you can eat normally and resume your usual activities.


Endoanal Ultrasound is usually a very safe and well tolerated procedure. While there may be complications (bleeding , irritation)  these are rare

If, after the examination, you feel any new complaint that worries you, you can discuss these with your doctor.

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