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10 Breastfeeding Myths

Myth #1: New mum’s don’t make enough milk.

Fact: For 3-5 days after giving birth, women do not produce enough milk, but thick liquid called colostrum, which is highly nutritious for a baby’s health.


Myth #2: Breastfeeding hurts.

Fact: Breastfeeding should never hurt. On-going pain is not a normal part of breastfeeding. If you are experiencing pain, it might be as a result of incorrect positioning or poor latch on technique. Consult your lactation consultant to find out why and help solve the problem.


Myth #3: Breastfeeding changes the size and shape of the breast.

Fact: Pregnancy causes breast to become droopy, not breastfeeding. This could be due to hormonal fluctuations or age. In fact, mom’s who do not breastfeed may still find their breast to be saggy and droopy post pregnancy.


Myth #4: Mother with small breast have less milk.

Fact: Breast size does not depend on the flow and quantity of the breastmilk. Just follow your baby’s cues and feed on demand and your breast will be able to produce the milk your baby needs.


Myth #5: Breastfeeding is inconvenient.

Fact: Breastfeeding is more convenient than bottle feeding. A baby can breastfeed anytime, anywhere. Breastmilk is free, pre-prepared, pre-warmed and ready to use.


Myth #6: Women who have given birth by C-section can’t breastfeed.

Fact: Having a C-Section does not affect a woman’s ability to produce breast. There are different positions to breastfeed a baby (side lying, football, cradle hold) can help a woman breastfeed comfortably until her incision has healed. While still in the hospital, a lactation consultant or a nurse can help you find the best position to nurse.


Myth #7: Formula milk is as nutritious as breastmilk.

Fact: Breastmilk is better than formula, containing everything your baby needs for growth and development. Formula milk is made to replicate cow’s milk, goat’s milk and other kinds of milk, which does not contain antibodies that can protect infants against diseases.


Myth #8: I had to stop breast feeding because I am sick and taking medication.

Fact: Yes, you can still breast feed if you are sick, your body is making antibodies to get through your breastmilk that can protect your baby from the same bacteria. Check with your healthcare professional before taking prescription or non-prescription medications. Most medications are perfectly safe to take while breastfeeding.


Myth #9: It’s too hard to breast feed while working or going to school.

Fact: Many mothers continue to breastfeed after they return to school or work. They are able to breastfeed during the day if the baby is close by or to pump breastmilk for caregivers to feed their babies.


Myth #10: A breastfed baby needs extra water.

Breastmilk contains all the water a baby needs.


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