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Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

Our Orthopaedic Department is made up of doctors with fellowships in dedicated sub-specialties such as knee, hand, sports and paediatric orthopaedic surgery. The focused training in their specific field facilitates better patient care and makes King’s a “one stop shop” for orthopaedics. Cross departmental referrals ensure every patient is treated by the physician with the most experience for each diagnosis.

Whether it is a congenital condition (present at birth) or the result of an injury, our experts can assess, diagnose, and treat your condition.

Our Orthopaedic Treatments Include:

  • Hand & wrist treatments and surgery – For both adults and paediatric patients
  • Joint Replacement – Hip joint & Knee joint replacement and revision surgery
  • Foot & Ankle injuries
  • Sports Medicine – Include treatment of acute knee injuries, anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction, arthroscopic surgery
  • Paediatric orthopaedics – Including neonatal, hip screening, treatment of club foot and other common limb problems, correction of limb deformities and limb lengthening.
  • Spine surgery for neck & back – Including surgery for disc disease, artificial disc replacement for cervical disc disease, lumbar microdiscectomy, spinal deformity surgery (scoliosis and kyphosis) for adults and children.

Pain Service

The orthopaedic department works closely with the Pain Clinic at King’s for those orthopaedic patients suffering from chronic pain.

The Most Advanced Technology

The orthopaedic service at King’s is supported by an imaging department with state-of- the-art equipment. In addition to MRI, CT scan, conventional digital x-ray and ultrasound services the imaging department has the United Arab Emirates’ first EOS imaging machine.

EOS is a unique combination of low dose 2D/3D imaging technology, software and services that aids diagnosis and long-term follow-up. In sitting or standing (weight-bearing) positions high definition fully body images are obtained with an ultra-low dose of radiation radiation (up to 90% lower than conventional imaging). This is particularly important for the long-term follow-up of children with spinal deformities.


For paediatric patients we offer on-site treatment by our British trained paediatric physiotherapist. For our adult patients we work closely with a reputed British run physiotherapy centre to offer British standard care to our patients.