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DNA Test in Dubai




King’s College Hospital is a pioneer in the field of Preventative Medicine and is the first hospital in the UAE to successfully launch the full genome test in a preventative setting.

King’s DNA Clinic offers a range of genetic tests to help kick-start your wellness journey. The DNA screenings are evidence-based, supported by extensive research in Preventive Genomics, and backed by the vast expertise in genomic healthcare solutions at Dante Genomics.

Whether you’re looking for ways to enhance your diet, boost your fitness, or improve your general well-being, King’s DNA Clinic has a solution for you. Get an in-depth analysis of your entire genome, including a consultation with one of our genetic specialists.



While you might not be able to alter your DNA, you can certainly enhance your lifestyle and live the healthiest version of yourself. Make wellness a part of your everyday life and take control of your health with King’s revolutionary product, LiveGen, which provides actionable insights across hundreds of health parameters.

Product Features 

LiveGen Wellness 

LiveGen Longevity

LiveGen Clinical

AED 3,000

 AED 2,100

AED 4,300

 AED 3,000

AED 8,500 

 AED 5,950

Nutrigenetic Report 

Pharmacogenetic Report 

Scientific Fitness Report 

Skincare Report 

Health & Wellness Report

Cardiovascular Panel

Neurodegenerative Panel

Metabolic Disease Panel

Cancer Screening Panel

Clinical Grade Whole Genome Sequencing 

Consultation with General Physician

Consultation with Clinical Geneticist