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Health Checkups in Dubai
Best Health Checkup Packages in Dubai

Health Checkup Packages by King’s

We are passionate about empowering our patients and truly believe that prevention is better than the cure.  Our specialist Family Medicine physicians take an holistic approach to ensure that you are in control of your health, keeping you on track for your health goals.

Many chronic conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol or high blood pressure do not have early warning symptoms.  Early detection through screening may help people avoid the more serious complications of these conditions such as heart attacks or strokes.

Our bespoke health screening packages have all been designed to provide a comprehensive overview of your health.



Our Health Packages Include

(Below 40)
Price 3500 AED

Executive Health Check for Men

(Below 40)
Price 3950 AED

Executive Health Check for Women

(Above 40)
Price 4500 AED

Executive Premium Health Check for Men

(Above 40)
Price 4950 AED

Executive Premium Health Check for Women

(Above 60)
Price 5,500 AED

Comprehensive Health Check Men

(Above 60)
Price 6,500 AED

Comprehensive Health Check Women

Price 2100 AED

Vital Health Check for Men & Women

King’s Signature Health Package Collection


King’s College Hospital London Dubai offers the best health checkup packages in Dubai.


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