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Our Approach

King’s College Hospital UAE consists of our recently opened Dubai Medical Centres in Marina and Jumeirah, with our newly opened state-of-the-art 100-bed facility at Dubai Hills in Mohammed bin Rashid City. As part of King’s College Hospital (KCH), we are able to offer our patients local access to world-class treatment and leading medical professionals.

Around one third of our clinical staff, including all heads of department, have been recruited from the UK including King’s College Hospital, a trusted British teaching hospital, and its partner hospitals in the UK. The majority of our doctors have been educated and trained in Britain and have many years of experience working in the UK’s National Health Service (NHS).

King’s College Hospital Dubai has been established to provide for the healthcare needs of the whole family and, whether your medical problem is simple or complex, our clinics can deliver the finest levels of healthcare including consultations, diagnostic tests, treatments and recovery support. If required, we can also arrange for you to be referred for additional specialist treatment at our UK centre, King’s College Hospital.

Our priority is patient care, and we offer the same high quality trusted healthcare, modern techniques and evidence-based procedures at our new medical centre in Dubai as we provide at our internationally renowned hospital in the UK. In fact, everything we do is driven by best practice care pathways and our desire to put the health outcomes of our patients before anything else.

The UAE’s strong ties with King’s College Hospital go back to 1979 when the nation’s founder, His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, provided a donation that helped establish the King’s liver research centre which is now among the top three specialist liver centres in the world.


To be the region’s most trusted integrated healthcare provider, by delivering the best of British clinical care and exceptional patient experience.


To serve our community by empowering our team to earn the trust of our patients and their families with King’s outstanding, compassionate and personalised care.


Kind – We show compassion and understanding and bring a positive attitude to our work

Respectful – We promote equality, are inclusive and honest, speaking up when needed

Team –  We support each other, communicate openly, and are reassuringly professional

Quality & standards

All clinical policies, procedures and practices in our facilities in the UAE have been established by King’s College Hospital and reflect over 175 years of experience in delivering high quality care and world leading clinical outcomes. 

Our doctors

Our doctors are among the most trusted healthcare professionals in the world, with a significant proportion recruited from King’s College Hospital and its partner hospitals. We are in constant contact with our UK colleagues, working closely as part of specialist teams to achieve the highest standards of care. Each patient is carefully assessed so that they can be treated correctly according to their individual needs, avoiding the risks of medications being over-prescribed or patients being treated unnecessarily.