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King’s College Hospital London is a world-renowned teaching hospital in London with over 183 years’ experience, and has been fully present for many years in the UAE. In writing the next chapter in the King’s legacy, we are excited to expand our UAE footprint as we add 100 new beds to our Hospital in Dubai.

King’s has numerous Dubai-based state-of-the-art facilities, including our multi-specialty medical centres based in Jumeirah and Marina, our clinics in Park Heights – KIDEO (King’s Institute of Diabetes, Endocrinology and Obesity) and Physiotherapy Clinic, our Aesthetics Clinic in Dubai Marina, and our 100-bed multi-speciality tertiary hospital in the prestigious Dubai Hills estate.

Ties between King’s College Hospital London and the UAE originate from 1979, when a generous donation from the late great His Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, former President of the UAE, helping establish King’s liver research centre. That centre is amongst the top three liver specialist centres in the world. In 2023, we extended this legacy by successfully performing the first liver transplant and becoming the Premier Liver Transplant Centre in Dubai.

What makes King’s stand out? 

There are three key areas that set us apart:

  1. OUR WORLD LEADING EXPERTISE– residents have access to some of the UK’s top clinicians locally through King’s. By bringing world-leading experts to the UAE every few weeks, we can offer patients world-class treatment and procedures in high prevalence areas.
  2. THE ENHANCED PATIENT EXPERIENCE WE ARE OFFERING – by that we mean our patients and their families will receive the best of British health care. Treated with the utmost dignity, respect and confidence, our patients are our number one priority.
  3. OUR EVIDENCE-BASED TRANSPARENT HEALTHCARE APPROACH – King’s places a huge focus on leveraging scientific data to support your medical care and treating what is required. Our doctors are measured by the quality of care they provide, meaning unnecessary over-testing or over-prescribing is not tolerated.

Our Commitment to UAE Healthcare

We are 100% committed to helping the UAE achieve its healthcare vision for 2024, aiming to establish a world-class healthcare system that provides access to liver care and transplants for the residents and citizens of the UAE.

King’s has made significant investments and commitments to the UAE since 2014, ultimately working towards assisting the UAE in reducing the prevalence and/or mortality rates in specific areas such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, neurology, fetal medicine, and paediatrics.

We are already contributing to the development of clinical skills in the UAE through our London Neuroscience Academy Programme, among other educational programs. Our aim is to become a leading teaching hospital in the UAE within the next 5 years.

Welcome to King’s – where world-class healthcare meets the spirit of the UAE.




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