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Having the correct nutrition during and after pregnancy is vital for both mum and baby. As your baby develops, they will need different amounts of micronutrients and macronutrients to grow healthy and strong.

In some cases, having a poor diet during pregnancy can lead to a range of conditions such as anaemia and Spina Bifida. But, it can be hard to eat well during pregnancy when you are battling nausea, digestive problem and fatigue. Working with one of our trained dietitians can help make this task a lot easier.

You will also benefit from seeing a dietitian if you have gestational diabetes. They can help you manage your condition and avoid using medications. Controlling blood sugars during pregnancy is vital to prevent complications.

And finally, don’t forget your nutrition after baby arrives. Giving birth can be quite a strain and you will need a good dietary intake to heal and repair quickly. If you choose to breast feed, your nutritional requirements also change.

Our dietitians have post-graduate degree level training to support you through this process, providing a step by step approach. They will help you to both prevent and manage any nutritional problems that you have.


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