Occupational Therapy

Helps restore, develop and maintain skills to live life to its fullest.

Our occupational therapy services help pediatrics and adults by:

  1. Improve functional use of their upper extremities [range of motion, muscle tone, gross and fine motor coordination and sensation]
  2. Increase awareness of their environment [tactile, ocular control, vestibular, auditory, visual, spatial, and body integration]
  3. Build ability to think clearly [orientation, concentration, attention span, and memory]
  4. Reintroduce activities of daily living [home safety and modification, assistive and adaptive devices training, self-care, kitchen safety]
  5. Administer standardized tests to assess motor planning and coordination skills, visual and perceptual skills, and functional daily living skills
  6. Provide sensory integration intervention
  7. Teach children and adults how to use compensatory techniques
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