King’s Cardiovascular Department

Our specialist cardiologist team have many years’ experience in providing the full range of heart care for patients.  Our Cardiovascular Department places a strong emphasis on health maintenance and is organised along six streams.

  1. Preventive cardiology
  2. Common heart and blood vessel conditions
  3. Non-invasive cardiology
  4. Non-invasive vascular medicine.
  5. Invasive/Interventional cardiology
  6. Endovascular intervention

When treating patients with heart conditions the team takes a patient-centric approach to ensure a tailored and personalised treatment plans. At King’s we use state of the art technology and imaging equipment to safely deliver a diverse range of cardiac examinations.

The team use various methods to detect heart problems such as electrocardiograph (ECG), stress echocardiogram, Cardiac CT and Cardiac MRI, among other techniques to understand any heart conditions present.

We aim to recommend the best course of treatment and rehabilitation and to always get the patient back to good health.  Our holistic approach includes fitness programmes, nutrition advice, and in some cases medication in order to minimise the risk of future problems.