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King’s Cardiovascular Department

At King’s, we offer comprehensive assessment of heart related symptoms using modern and state-of-the-art tools for the diagnosis. Our well experienced cardiologists layout a personalised management plan in agreement with patient in addition to tailor-made modifications of cardiac risk factors.

The most common Cardiac symptoms and issues are given below:

  • Chest pain – Commonly it’s a heavy and central chest pain but it has several variants. Heart attack can be fatal if not treated and can cause debilitating complications if not treated soon enough. Therefore, no chest pain should be ignored, and one must seek expert advice promptly.
  • Breathlessness – This could be an early symptom of a failing heart or of blocking arteries.
  • Palpitation – Heart rhythm and rate can fluctuate abnormally and can be as low as lower than 40/min or as fast as 200/min plus. These must be investigated seriously and immediately.
  • Collapse/Blackout – Issues with Heart Valves or electric system can lead to slow or sudden stoppage of the heart leading to collapse.
  • High Blood Pressure– Although many people have headaches, high blood pressure may have no symptoms. If not treated, can lead to heart attack or heart failure.
  • Abnormal Cholesterol Levels – Bad cholesterol deposits over the years inside the blood vessels making them narrowed. This ultimately blocks the vessel if not lowered with medicines and/or lifestyle changes.
  • Coronary Artery Disease– is one of the common causes of death in the world and in the UAE. It can cause chest pain, breathlessness and sometimes has no symptoms. This must be and accurately diagnosed to guide further treatment.
  • Heart Failure – This stage is irreversible but advances in medicine and devices can ensure reasonable exercise capacity and satisfactory long-term outcome.
  • Valve Problem – This can be by birth or a result of ageing. Symptoms tend to appear in advance stages. Needs simple ultrasound to diagnose most of the time.

Above are few of the main presentations. However, if you feel you your symptoms are different yet may be related with the heart health, please contact us