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Cardiac CT Scan Dubai |
Heart CT Scan in Dubai

What is a CT Scan?

A CT scan, short for computerized tomography, is an advanced medical imaging technique that utilizes computer technology to combine X-ray images obtained from various angles. This process creates a comprehensive assessment of different organs of the body including blood vessels, bones and tissues. Specifically, a Cardiac CT scan is designed to produce detailed images of the heart, aiding in the diagnosis of heart-related diseases.

Why Do I Need a Cardiac CT Scan?

CT scans are invaluable tools in diagnosing asymptomatic patients with coronary disease. Contrary to popular belief, majority of the patients develop coronary disease slowly over time and never get to develop the warning symptoms until they have a heart attack. The stress test is able to diagnose only 71% of the patients with the disease whilst with a CT scan there is a 98% chance that we shall be able to identify and define a heart problem, if any. It’s an excellent test across all genders and ages. The radiation exposure is little and poses no threat in the longer term.

A cardiac CT scan can assist in diagnosing:

  • Heart-related arterial blockages.
  • Calcium buildup in the blood vessels.
  • Aortic disorders and aortic aneurysms.
  • Vessel blockages, such as pulmonary embolism.
  • Cancer, tumors, and masses within the heart.
  • Lungs-related disorders.

A Cardiac CT Scan provides medical professionals with detailed internal images, displayed in “slices,” enabling precise evaluation of a patient’s heart condition. These images help determine heart chamber sizes, identify plaque accumulation in arteries, guide surgical procedures, and assess post-procedure recovery.

How is It Performed?

During a CT scan, the patient lies on a table in the CT machine room. Electrodes are placed on their chest to monitor heart activity. The table moves into the machine as an X-ray beam rotates around the body, capturing heart images from various angles. These images are taken in slices and are used to construct a 3-dimensional representation of the heart for diagnostic, monitoring, and screening purposes.

What Should I Expect?

A typical CT scan procedure lasts for 45-60 min but the actual scanning time is less than 10 minutes. In some cases, patients may receive medication to regulate their heartbeat and counter nervousness. At King’s, our Cardiologists interpret the scans immediately and share the results with the patients. There is NO recovery period needed.

How to Book an Appointment:

If you have concerns or are experiencing symptoms like chest pain and shortness of breath, you may need a CT scan. King’s College in Dubai has a team of specialized medical professionals ready to address your needs. Contact us today to schedule your appointment for a comprehensive evaluation of your health.


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