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Ophthalmology Clinic
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Moorfields at King’s College Hospital Dubai



Moorfields are now offering world class ophthalmology services at King’s College Hospital – Dubai Hills. 

As part of our commitment to our patients to provide a wide range of health related services in one convenient location, we are pleased to inform you that we have reached an agreement with Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai, a fully integrated branch of Moorfields London, the oldest and most renowned eye hospitals in the world.

With over 200 years at the forefront of specialist eye care, Moorfields has accumulated a huge depth of knowledge and expertise in identifying and treating eye related diseases which otherwise impact sight and quality of life.

The Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai clinical team, led by Dr Ammar Safar, offer:

  • Optometrist assessments: for glasses or contact lenses prescriptions
  • Investigations or photography (as needed) depending on the condition presented
  • Consultations with the ophthalmologist (eye doctor) in order to perform a comprehensive eye examination and discuss the outcome with the patient on outpatient basis
  • Inpatient ophthalmic consultations for patients admitted at King’s
  • Paediatric screening for Retinopathy of Prematurity and related treatment if needed
  • Paediatric Surgeries for children under the age of 1 year

Consultations and investigations offered for different subspecialty ophthalmology services at King’s for both adults and children includes: