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Cancer is one disease that everyone fears. Being diagnosed with any type of cancer is something that quickly strikes fear into a person, often leading to a rollercoaster of emotions, worry, and anxiety. It’s estimated that about 1.3% of the world’s entire population has cancer at any point in time. It’s also a disease that can affect almost any part of your body. The level of care you receive plays an important role in how well treatment works, which is why here, at Kings College Hospital London in Dubai, we focus on offering a one-stop cancer care center. We are a patient-centered hospital that makes your needs a priority while also delivering exceptional service.

A Professional Team Offers Better Quality Cancer Care

There are several things that affect just how well cancer treatment works. At Kings College Hospital London, we understand the crucial role that a treatment team plays, which is why we are dedicated to giving you access to professional staff.

We have a team of staff in different specialties – this level of diversity becomes critical when looking at ways to improve the level of care you receive. Our staff works together to come up with a treatment plan that is highly personalized, giving you the exact therapies and support you need to treat cancer.

With years of experience, we have the capabilities to provide more than just treatment. Our team understands the process you’re going through and will offer their support to ensure you and your loved ones feel more comfortable, knowing that you are in good hands.

Why A One-Step Cancer Care Center?

Dealing with cancer is not an easy task. It often takes visits to different specialists, trips to the hospital, and surgery room, and picking up prescriptions from the pharmacy. Since this disease causes unpleasant symptoms, we know that going to all of these different facilities can be daunting for a patient.

That’s why we focus on offering a more comprehensive solution to cancer care – by forming a complete and comprehensive cancer care center.

King’s College Hospital London was designed to ensure all the facilities you need for the treatment of cancer are located close to each other. It eliminates the need to drive to different facilities and also gives healthcare providers the ability to work closely together while treating you.

Whether you need to undergo surgery, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, or any other type of cancer treatment, all facilities are located on a single premise, making it easier and more convenient to navigate.

Treatment Options for Cancer At Kings College Hospital London in Dubai

The medical industry is constantly expanding and improving. New technologies come out and offer better treatments for existing diseases – and this includes cancer. As a facility that focuses on offering the best level of care, we at King’s College Hospital always strive to use the latest in advancements. In turn, this gives you the best chance at beating and surviving cancer.

We offer a diverse selection of treatment options for cancers, but the process starts with a diagnosis. Our specialists are well-equipped with the knowledge and testing facilities to understand your cancer, recognize the exact location of the tumor, and to develop a treatment program that focuses on giving you real results.

Since every person is different, you’ll be carefully assessed before any kind of treatment starts. You may need to be referred to multiple specialists for a comprehensive analysis, and once we have a treatment plan ready, you can decide if you wish to follow the recommendations of our professional staff.

Some of the treatment options that might be recommended include:

  • Surgery: Surgical procedures are a common treatment for cancer, but it does depend on the size of the tumor, as well as a few other factors. During surgery, our surgeon focuses on removing as much of the cancer cells as possible. In cases where your tumor is large, our specialists may prefer to use other therapies first. This helps to reduce the size of the tumor, making it easier and less invasive to remove later through surgery.
  • Chemotherapy: This therapy uses specific cancer-killing drugs. There are different types of chemotherapy drugs on the market, but the goal remains similar. They help to stop tumors from growing. Some chemotherapy drugs focus on killing cancer cells in your body. In many cases, you’ll get chemotherapy alongside other treatments to give you a more efficient way of eliminating the cancer from your body.
  • Radiation therapy: When you need to undergo radiation therapy, there are two options available. This includes internal and external therapies. The specific type used to treat your cancer depends on a couple of things, including where you have cancer. Internal radiation therapy uses radioactive materials – a surgeon implants these into the site where the cancer is. With external radiotherapy, a specialist will point a beam of high-energy X-rays directly onto the tumor – the beam goes through your skin into your body to start killing the cancer cells.
  • Immunotherapy: Since we always focus on bringing you the latest treatment options, we ensure immunotherapy is available to patients who fit the right criteria. This therapy uses your own immune system to fight against cancer cells. Usually, your immune system doesn’t know about the cancer cells – that’s because these cells make special proteins that hide them away. However, by using special techniques, immunotherapy makes it easier for your immune system to recognize these cancerous cells – and once identified, this defensive system of your body attacks them.
  • Targeted therapy: Similar to chemotherapy, targeted therapy uses drugs to help destroy cancer cells. However, in targeted therapy, there are very specific drugs that a doctor will prescribe to you. That’s because the specific drug depends on some things, such as whether you have certain mutations in some genes. The therapy often targets specific proteins in your body – these proteins help cancer cells grow and divide. By targeting the proteins, targeted therapy can slow down or even stop the growth of these cells.

Your Journey Through Cancer Care at King’s College Hospital London

Getting treatment as early as possible for cancer can do a lot when it comes to increasing the chances of success. That’s why we focus on giving our patients a streamlined process that includes the diagnosis and treatment of their cancer.

The first step to getting the care you need is to make an appointment at King’s College Hospital London. We’re situated in the heart of Dubai. Once you have an appointment, a doctor will see you and provide a comprehensive medical exam. They’ll consider things like your medical history and current health, and talk to you about the specific type of cancer you have.

At this point, you may be referred to some of our specialists for further testing and to help you determine what kind of treatment will be best for you. We have state-of-the-art testing facilities to ensure our specialists are able to get a detailed view of any cancerous tumors in your body – this helps to determine the stage of cancer, how severe it is, and to understand how to approach it.

A treatment plan is created specifically for every patient. Regardless of the treatment you need, we also focus on ensuring long-term success. That’s why regular follow-ups after treatment, even when the cancer has gone away, remain important. It helps our specialists look for signs of a recurrence, in which case they can intervene early on to prevent the cancer from growing and spreading.

We’re there not only for the treatment but also to offer support. As part of our treatment plans, we offer palliative care services, which ensure patients feel comfortable at all times. This includes cases where cancer has spread and advanced to the stage where it’s no longer treatable. In situations like these, our specialists will focus on slowing the growth rate of cancer for as long as possible, while also taking care of any symptoms that the patient might have.

Cancer Care Center at King’s College Hospital London

We understand just how stressful the process of cancer treatment can be, but with experience and expertise, we’re able to give every patient the care they need. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, get in touch with King’s College Hospital London. Our dedicated team of experts is ready to help diagnose and treat any kind of cancer, and we work closely with you to develop a plan that’s suitable for your situation.



الأسئلة الأكثر شيوعا

King’s College Hospital London Dubai is considered the best cancer hospital in Dubai.

Cancer is a disease characterized by the uncontrolled growth and spread of abnormal cells in the body.

Common treatments include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, hormone therapy, and targeted therapy.

Cancer is diagnosed through various tests, including imaging scans, blood tests, and biopsies. If you are experiencing symptoms, at King’s, we highly recommend booking an appointment to recieve a definitive diagnosis, a second opinion and a personalized treatment plan tailored to your needs.

While not all cancers can be prevented, risk can be reduced by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, avoiding tobacco, limiting alcohol, protecting against UV radiation, and getting regular screenings.

Yes, treatment is often personalized based on the type of cancer, its stage, and the patient’s overall health. At King’s College Hospital Dubai, we provide treatments tailored to your needs, you can expect reassurance and expert care throughout your treatment journey.

At King’s College Hospital Dubai we have a one-stop Cancer Care Centre with UK and US trained experts. We offer quality care and reassurance from the initial consultation through to the final treatment and beyond. Our highly-skilled Oncologists, nurses and technologists use evidence-based, minimally invasive diagnostics, treatments, therapies and management for a variety of cancers.