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Armand Rostam is a Swedish-trained occupational therapist with nearly 5 years of experience and specialisations in post-surgical hand, wrist, and elbow rehabilitation, individual fabrication of upper limb orthopaedic orthoses, and musculoskeletal problems.

Armand has a rich background working in diverse healthcare settings across Sweden and the UAE, where he honed his skills in assessing and managing various upper limb conditions. His clinical practice is deeply focused on rehabilitation aimed at restoring optimal physical function to enable patients to return to their desired activities of daily living (ADL). He utilises a comprehensive treatment approach that includes strength and stretch exercises, functional hand use, advanced scar tissue release techniques, manual therapy, and therapeutic agents such as shockwave therapy, ultrasound, and heat & cold treatments. Armand is committed to creating detailed treatment plans within a multi-disciplinary team to ensure the best patient outcomes.

Educationally, Armand obtained his bachelor’s degree in Occupational Therapy from The Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare in 2019. He furthered his expertise by completing courses in Orthosis Fabrication in 2022, Scar Tissue Release (MSTR) in 2023, and Hand and Elbow treatment techniques (Treating without pain, Alison Tylor) in 2023. These qualifications have equipped him with a strong foundation in hand therapy’s theoretical and practical aspects.

In addition to his professional and educational accomplishments, Armand has actively engaged in research and development within his field, contributing to advancing hand therapy practices. He is particularly interested in developing innovative orthotic devices and integrating new therapeutic techniques into clinical practice.


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