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Cancer Screening

Cancer screening plays an important role in the early detection of cancer, significantly improving treatment outcomes and survival rates. By undergoing regular screening tests tailored to individual risk factors and age groups, you can detect cancer at its earliest stages, often before symptoms manifest. Early detection allows for timely intervention, enabling physicians to initiate appropriate treatment plans, which are often less invasive and more effective. Moreover, early detection not only increases the chances of successful treatment but also reduces the emotional and financial burdens associated with advanced-stage cancer diagnoses.

At King’s college Hospital, we emphasize the importance of proactive health management through routine screening, giving you control of your overall health and well-being.

Basic Cancer Screening – AED 1,800 Only:

Lab Investigations

  • CBC
  • CEA- Colorectal
  • CA 19-9- Pancreas
  • AFP- Liver
  • LDH
  • FIT- Stool test for occult blood- Colorectal
  • CA125- Ovarian (only for women)
  • PSA- Prostate (only for men)


  • Consultation with Family Medicine/ Internal Medicine

Optional Add-Ons:

  • Mammogram- AED 1,225 AED 350
  • Ultrasound Breast- AED 1,025  AED 350
  • Pap Smear- AED 483 AED 250
  • Colonoscopy- AED 8,106  AED 4,500
  • Full Body MRI- AED 10,000 AED 8,000
  • Low Dose CT Chest-  AED 2,605 AED 1,200
  • DNA Cancer screen-  AED 2,400 AED 1,800

These tests are not part of the screen, but can be added at special discounted prices.

For bookings call: 800 7777